It’s the first day of 2012 and with the debut of this blog, I have managed to undo my main resolution for the new year – simplification of my life. I work full time, have two young children and generally get through the challenges and obligations of each day with a rather large amount of coffee. The decision to start a blog is something I’ve pondered for years yet never found the time to do. Too many other important tasks to do first, right? I’m not sure that committing to a mommy blog is the way to accomplish my simplification resolution for the coming year but I am hopeful these two goals can peacefully coexist. 2011 was a year of tremendous change for me – and from that change, I’ve emerged knowing that despite my daily dose of writing that I get in my professional life, I have no real place to expend all that creative (aka caffeinated) energy that’s leftover after the workday is done, the kids are nestled in their bed and the husband is snoozing in front of the game. So, I hope my blog can serve the purpose of giving me an outlet for my thoughts, sharpening up my professional writing skills and hopefully entertaining a soul or two with the observations that come about during my daily routine that always seems to have a monkey wrench or two added to it for good measure. My two young sons are growing up at a heartbreaking rate and each day that I don’t document the daily rants that I hear from their mouths, is one that is lost forever. So, at the very least, this blog a gift of sorts for my boys so I can one day say, “Yep you actually did/said that, my love” – and have some sort of written proof to back it up. I’m also looking forward to putting into words just how much this mommy role of mine is the hardest, toughest, dirtiest, most stressful – and ultimately rewarding journey that I have ever taken. No matter what your New Year’s resolutions are, I hope the steps you take this year take you to happy places on more days that you can count!