Imagine all the things you could accomplish - hone your athletic skills, follow all your favorite sports teams, watch nightly Twilight movie marathons- if you had the vampire-like ability to forego sleep?

Like many of my friends and fellow moms, I am a very big fan of the “Twilight” movie series. I devoured the books (pun intended) and find the movies to provide me with a delicious dose of entertainment mingled with a lovely feast of eye candy. One of the things I find intriguing about vampires and werewolves is the fact that — in addition to being beautiful, strong, and sparkly — they have a power I’d love to have.

They. Don’t. Sleep. “Not at all,” according to Edward Cullen.

Wow. … Can you imagine what you could get accomplished if you were given another seven to eight hours a day to get to the things on your “to do “ list? (And if some of those hours were actually spent with the fictional Mr. Cullen himself? Sigh.) Ahh … I digress, but I can only imagine my productivity if sleep was not a requirement for me to function as a semi-sane member of society.

Those Christmas decorations gathering dust as the calendar inches ever-so-much-closer to February? They’d not only be put away by now, but they’d be filed alphabetically, according to the room and theme!

Coupon clipping? Those babies would be clipped, filed and uber-organized each day — saving me stacks of money that I could then use for that family vacation to Disney that we never can seem to afford.

Work deadlines that grow exponentially as I run like a hamster on a wheel never quite making the progress I’d like to? Checked off and turned in ahead of schedule!

The house would be cleaner, I’d have more time to spend with my equally sleep deprived husband and my blog would be updated at least daily, because let’s face it, I’d have so much more to say with those extra 480 minutes of life, daily blog postings from the SuperwomanVampire Mom of the Year would be demanded by legions of fans.

Sounds about as close to heaven as someone can get, doesn’t it? Could you find things to fill the hours that sleep now encompass?

As I ponder this idea, I realize giving up sleep means giving up something I love more than coffee and Edward Cullen fantasies combined: Naps.

There is something about a good nap — you know, those delicious half-hour power naps you take to give your body the recharge it needs after five or six days of running nonstop? Is there anything sweeter than a snuggly sleep session on a quiet Saturday afternoon with your favorite kid, fur ball or sweetheart?

So as intriguing as this vampire world of all work, all play and no rest for the wicked required is, I suppose I’ll be satisfied with my mere mortal state of being overrun and sleep deprived and save the seven hours I could using to get my doctorate studies complete to dream about all the things that I have accomplished in my waking hours. Having happy kids, a happy husband, content critters — and the roof in which to keep them all warm at night — should provide some sweet dreams.

And who wants to give that up?