My three football viewing boys!

Nothing can snap me out of my winter doldrums better than some good ol’ NFL playoff excitement. Having a one or two — or, in my case this year, five — teams to root for in some way, shape or form is an exciting way to get through the post holiday blues. … And by the time the Super Bowl rolls around, Spring is literally only weeks away!

I’m not exactly a die-hard — I used to avoid watching television on Sundays for the first two decades of so of my life or so, but I developed an affinity for the Washington Redskins in my early 20s while rooming with a very avid ’Skins fan. Then, a little while later, a trip to Lambeau Field for a work-related trip to Wisconsin cemented my affection for my current favorite team, the Green Bay Packers.

When I married a then-sportswriter, I went from simply rooting for my team without a clue as to what I was watching or why everyone else was cheering — to actually understanding what a play was and what the heck the difference was between a running back and a cornerback. … Oh wait, never mind. My hubby still has to explain that!

Still, I love the playoff season — the hysteria and excitement of the fans, the prospects for making food that can be lapped up with a tortilla chip and the chance to show your team pride on a day other than “any given Sunday” without judgment.

And watching the (usually) friendly Facebook banter between fans of opposing teams certainly carries its own entertainment value!

My children are already getting excited for their beloved Ravens to win their playoff games, with my oldest son reminding me that purple hair is really the only way to truly show your team spirit among the elementary school set.

This year’s playoffs remind me of just how fond I am of quarterbacks. This is probably a common sentiment since they are the leaders of the team — but I love me a good quarterback.

No matter how tarnished his reputation got at the end, I still miss the enthusiasm Favre brought to the game!

Even on his worst day, there was nothing Brett Favre could do wrong on that field that would prevent me from proudly wearing my No. 4 jersey. (That is until the now-infamous cell phone incident, but let’s just move on …)

What it comes down to for me is this: If I like your quarterback, I root for you.

And if your quarterback is a despicable character known more for his off –field escapades than his arm (yes, Ben Rothlisberger, I am talking about you), your entire team loses my vote.

So, this year, I am rooting for the Packers, Ravens, Saints and Broncos. I’d root for my boy Eli Manning — but his Giants are facing my Packers this week, and team loyalty trumps the cute quarterback!

I’d never watched more than five minutes of a Denver Broncos game before last Sunday, but I can honestly say it was one of the best games I have ever seen! Tim Tebow, where have you been my whole life?

And then there is Drew Brees. To know (or at least admire from my couch) Drew Brees and his “Who Dat” Nation — is to love him. Any other ladies out there still swooning after watching his post-Super Bowl win two years ago, as he tearfully gripped his infant son while the confetti showered down on him? He beat my Colts that year — I am still heartbroken that I haven’t seen Peyton Manning throw a touchdown pass this season — and I still became a fan that day.

My husband, who has more sports jerseys than dress shirts in his closet, doesn’t seem to mind all the other men in my life. He supports it actually — we have his-and-hers Favre jerseys, and my gift for our first Christmas together was a No. 18 Colts jersey that I still wear today.

It is a nice way for us to enjoy a sport he adores in a way that I can get my own enjoyment from. It is also nice to be able to enjoy the Super bowl for more than the commercials!

So, friends — enjoy the fun, fellowship and super yummy food that is coming your way over the coming weeks ahead. … And do share …

Who are you rooting for?