We’re going to DISNEYWORLD!

It is no secret I have been dreaming of a trip to this magical place for a very long time. Since well before I had kids of my own, I dreamed of meeting the main mouse who has been the object of my idolatry since I was still in diapers.

The quest to get to Disney started when my almost-6-year-old came home, asking when he can go to Walt Disney World.

“Mom, I really want to go to Disney. Adam, Blake and Caleigh all went over Christmas break and Daniel is going soon too.” I tell him we will go — but probably when he is a little bit older. “Why do they get to go when they are 6 and I have to wait?”

It is hard to explain socioeconomics, credit card debt and the economic downturn to a kindergartner, so I don’t try.

“We will go when we can. Want to make a Disney piggy bank to save?”

He excitedly got into this little project and proceeded to dig through every nook and crevice in our house to get any and all spare change.

Between he and his brother, they managed to come up with about $30 worth of coins — please don’t ask me how on earth I had $30 worth of coins in my house — and was pretty convinced that this particular haul was adequate in securing a trip to Disney. … Like tomorrow. Each day, my 3-year-old — who has been a huge fan of Mickey Mouse since he could walk — asks me “We go see Mickey Mouse tomario?” (Yes, this is how he pronounces the word “tomorrow” — and I dread the day when he can say that, and so many other cute Nate-words, correctly).

So earlier this month, despite the stack of bills sitting in front of me and the uncertain health status of our beloved family pet, I pulled the trigger and booked a trip for August.

Just like that.

I wanted to jump up and down shout it from the rooftops — but a simple Facebook posting to my social network was the loudest I shouted — in all caps nonetheless!

We really probably shouldn’t go — Nate is still very young, we have some overdue costly house repairs that are likely to impact our family finances, our beloved basset hound’s health status is surely more of a hospice situation than a long term one — never mind the fact that the time of year we have in mind is when Orlando is at its hottest.

But for all of the reasons I have to delay the trip to a better time, I’m reminded that tomorrow is never guaranteed for any of us.  It has been a tough year. I’ve had a couple significant health scares (everything is fine, thankfully), our sweet basset hound is celebrating what is likely her last birthday on this earth, and both Kevin and I have unexpectedly lost childhood friends who were literally in the prime of their life.

These have solidified my resolve about Disney and some pretty important reminders for everyday living.

Life is short.

Say I love you.

Cry if you need to.

Play with your dog.

Hug your kids.

Dance in the rain.

Take your kid to Disney.

So yep, I’m taking my kids to Disney because while tomorrow is never guaranteed to be there, all the reasons not to go, the bills, the worries, the chores — will be.

Thank you friends, for taking the time to share in my journey through this blog. In case I haven’t told you, your time and attention to my words mean the world to me, too.