I have always loved the month of June. For me, it has always symbolized the beginning of the sweet summer season and its promises of county fairs, fresh produce and countless days spent soaking in the sunshine. June became particularly special to me a dozen years ago as three very significant souls entered my life – I brought my “twin bassets” home in June of 2000 and met the man who I now share my life with, too. Turns out that young man- now a bit greyer around the edges, probably thanks to me, those bassets and the two boys we have together – was born in June too, so it is a pretty perfect trifecta to cement my affection for the sixth month of the calendar year. I remember vividly where I was and what I was doing the first time I laid eyes on my future husband. June 8, 2000. It was my first week at a new job and I was sitting in a busy newsroom when he walked in. It wasn’t love at first sight – but the fact that I can remember what he was wearing (his grey and blue striped baseball uniform – sigh) and what I was doing at that moment (writing an article about the Eastern Shore’s current drought situation) tells me it must have been something! It took us a year or so of being good friends and movie buddies to figure things out but once we realized that connection, we never looked back. So, here we are twelve years later and there is still no one that sets my heart aflutter quite like my baseball guy.

We’ve been through a lot in our 12 or so years together – a year of being friends, a year of storybook romance, a year of wedding planning, followed by a year of building our first home, awaiting the arrival of our first son, then our second – it doesn’t seem possible that it has been 12 years since that first fateful day in June. Some days we get along better than others – sometimes the things I love and admire most are the very things that drive me insane about this husband of mine. So laid back, so calm in the face of pressure, never worrying outwardly about anything. It is a calming influence to my otherwise dramatic, worrywart personality and for the most part, it keeps us both balanced. Isn’t there something about ying and yang? It is on the days when that laid back personality takes his time tackling his to do list or doesn’t get upset that the house is a mess that my inner drama queen gets fired up – but thanks to HIS influence, I can usually remind myself to take a step back and remember that same man whose propensity for procrastination is the one who instantly forgives me when my own humanity rears its ugly head. The man who always puts me and the boys first, the one who reminds me often to take time for me yet never requests the same in return, the man who faithfully brings me my beloved cup of ice water each and every night without fail – yep, I guess I can look past the fact that he never completely shuts a dresser drawer, refuses to throw anything away and thinks closets and drawers are not nearly as convenient of a place to leave your clothes or shoes as the closest spot on the floor. This is a man who puts up with my numerous celebrity crushes (heck, he even woke me up from a sound sleep this very morning to let me know that “my boy” was on the television!) This is a man who carried a 60 pound senior basset hound up and down a flight of steps at least twice daily in the final weeks of her life because he knew that she and I needed that time together yet never complained that his back or knee were killing him. So as June comes to a close, I am so thankful for a month that not only celebrates my dear husband’s birth but that brought me to his path to begin with. Happy Birthday Handsome – I hope we have countless more Junes to celebrate together!